About Us

About Us

Our Approach

From the minute your drive up and see our clinic is painted like a rubiks cube- you will know we understand the difficult puzzle treatment for your child can be!

IBH knows children learn better in a play-based environment. Once in the doors you will see the entire clinic from all the art and the fun designed classrooms that we are set for play-based treatment.

With transitioning our learners into schools as one of our primary goals, our 28,000 ft facility is designed like a school.

We design school-like schedules to help our learners prepare to adapt to changes in routines, working with and socializing with other learners , to mimic a regular school setting. 

IBH knows how important family outings into the community are, we have boys and girls 6-stall bathrooms to help your child generalize and adapt to environments they will encounter such as schools, movie theaters, and airports.

 We know your child’s behaviors, thoughts and feelings can be confusing, so we will help with understanding “the why behind the behaviors”. 

We also include our pediatric Occupational therapists to help with sensory integration, fine and gross motor skill acquisition.

This systematic approach focuses on your child, allowing for truly personalized goals. This provides a clear path to unwrapping individual talents and assisting families with their unique needs.

Our Story

IBH is an Oklahoma based private company that has been serving Oklahoma families for over 14 years. We began as a behavioral health provider of pediatric counseling services. After many years of psychological testing IBH recognized the need for more robust multi-disciplinary services.
This led to a broadening of our scope of practice to include the Autism Program (ABA), Diagnostic Matrix, and Occupational Therapy. We decided that changing our brand was important. We chose Integrated Brain Health because no matter what interventions our clients utilize us for, brain health will always be the ultimate goal.
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