Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our Oklahoma based Occupational Therapy (OT) Clinic has specialized pediatric OT’s and COTA’s. Our program is designed to help children, tweens, and teens with a multitude of developmental skills. We look at how sensory, fine motor, gross motor, core development, neurological or developmental delays may be impacting your child’s ability to learn skill acquisition-and we do it  in a play-based, fun and enriching environment.  

IBH also knows that sensory and other feeding issues can lead to very difficult frustrating mealtimes, and can lead to malnutrition. We have a complete kitchen in our OT department to work with our clients on increasing food choices, reducing sensitivities, and learning daily living skills.

We have a fun and functional fine motor skill development program, essential for developing independence

Playing is not just “playing” there are many connections being made in the brain during play.

Activities such as building blocks is a multi sensory learning approach. It not only helps with and promotes spatial awareness, but problem solving as well. art projects, play dough creations. 

Sensory table play allows children to stimulate their senses and allow children to engage in tactile and imaginative play. The hands on experience encourages language development, problem-solving skills, and social interaction. 

We have had parents say “My child just wants to be with his friends and be able to ride a bike”.  

We listened —–IBH has not only a full indoor sensory gym, but an outdoor space as well. Our outdoor space gives children the opportunity to develop their coordination, balance, and strength through use of tricycles, bicycles, playground equipment, water day and other outdoor activities. 

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