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A Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Treatment Team

Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Our team ensures we are treating our client holistically by assessing each client’s overall brain health. No matter what service you are primarily seeking at IBH, we strive to identify a wide range of problems that could be causing or contributing to the problem. We collaborate with our clients to create a treatment plan designed to improve overall brain health.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

IBH offers 6 unique treatment professions under one roof. As such, we are able to easily collaborate across disciplines in one place to provide effective and efficient treatment. Clients can be treated for various problems conveniently under one roof, with a unified team!

Unique Evidence Based Treatment

IBH offers evidence based treatment services found nowhere else in Oklahoma! We offer the use of Milo for social skills, language, and many other treatments. Check out our Milo information section here (insert hyperlink to Services-Milo here). You can also check out Milo at https://robots4autism.com/

We offer most of our services either In-Home or at our unique treatment complex.

WHAT CLIENTS SAY: “We refer a lot to IBH because we know the services you provide are the best and you are always looking for better ways to serve your clients."

Here are a list of common questions we receive. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Phone: (405) 702-9032

Email: [email protected]

Starting your journey to healing begins with making a referral. You can do this by clicking our “Make a Referral" button below or by phone @ (405) 702-9032.

After making the referral, you will get a follow-up call from our front office staff to schedule your intake appointment. During this call you will be asked to verify information you gave us on the referral form. Our initial assessment appointments are done in our office.

The first meeting at our facility will involve you meeting with the practitioner of the field you made a referral for and beginning a thorough assessment. IBH really strives to find the most effective treatment for what brings you to us. This is accomplished using our multi-disciplinary Behavioral Matrix. The Matrix is designed to rule out other problem areas that could be contributing or causing the symptoms you come to treat. After the information from the assessment is gathered, a treatment plan is created, with your participation, to give you a guide for what treatment will look like. This treatment plan is tailored specifically to your needs.

IBH accepts almost all commercial insurance companies as well as Soonercare (medicaid). Your benefits will be checked to ensure we are in network for your insurance company.

IBH treats a variety of problems between our 5 programs. We will list several major problems we often treat, but know we treat much more than this:

Counseling Program: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma/PTSD, Family/Marriage Problems, Anger Management

Autism ABA Program: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that focuses on improving specific behaviors in individuals with autism such as social skills, communication, and adaptive learning skills.

Diagnostic Matrix:  IBH uses evidence-based diagnostic and assessment tools to gather meaningful information about all areas of development in order to determine the “why" behind behaviors.

Occupational Therapy: Gross/Fine Motor Skills, Sensory Integration, Play Skills, Activities of Daily Living


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