IBH offers individual, family, and group counseling services to our clients. After our initial assessment, our counseling team selects what evidence based counseling service will best meet our client’s individual needs. Counseling services are appropriate for clients of all ages and with virtually any mental health needs.

Individual Therapy
Following an initial assessment, a very detailed treatment plan is developed with the client. Understanding each client is different; interventions and modalities are consistent with Concepts’ clinical model and are tailored to each individual client. We practice evidence based treatments that include models like Trauma Focused – Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and many other evidence based modalities.
Family Therapy

IBH believes in an integrated family approach. The family unit and especially the role of parents/guardians is critical in helping children find a secure base of healthy relationships and long-term success.

Each child’s brain is different and each child has different needs. Parents need to address historical and current issues that are unresolved and which prevent effective functioning; including family-of-origin (prior loss, trauma, attachment difficulties), substance abuse, and marital/relationship problems.

Parents/guardians will learn specific concepts, skills and attitudes that are effective with emotional dysregulation, attachment issues or trauma related problems.

Parents/guardians will also learn techniques to effectively parent children with ADHD, learning disabilities, and other neurological disorders.

Group Therapy

IBH is proud to offer group therapy sessions for children and adolescent social skills. Groups run weekly and bi-weekly depending on client interest.

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